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Personal Tax Return

FES is a professional company engaged in tax accounting and financial consulting services composed of senior accountants (CPA/CGA) team. We serve Ottawa Chinese. In the past 10 years, we have solved various taxes for more than 5,000 Chinese, including tax returns for foreign students, new immigrants tax returns, non-tax Canadian investment tax returns, tax resident overseas income tax returns, and self-employed tax returns.

Individual annual tax
(including Quebec)

Personal financial analysis and tax planning

Non-resident tax return

Overseas asset declaration

Benefits Application

Real estate tax planning

Business Tax Return

FES is well versed in the financial systems of China and Canada and has more than 20 years of professional experience. It also has Chinese and Canadian and Ontario accountant licenses. Our team provides assistance to several small and medium-sized enterprises with rich experience and professional capabilities. The business scope covers income tax returns, financial reports, tax planning and so on.

Company registration and cancellation

Business accounting

Salary calculation and remittance

Financial report and income tax return

Business plan

Business financial analysis

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